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Friday 26 February 2021

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Click here to download the programme in PDF. 

This afternoon will mark the last phase of the three year ESNO Congress theme. This is to discuss the furture of the nurses in advanced role, experts in their field, specialist and specialised, how to position them in the future health system and also how to find ways to learn form eachother. This is also a signal to the European Health Policy institutes to look closer to our work and find with us to improve the recognition. On the recognition, we have also a member of the European Commissino with us, who we as ESNO have a lot of contact with, and who is willing to take a role in the last discussion. 

12.30-13.00 Opening and testing ZOOM system
13.05-13.15 Welcome and introduction by the ESNO president Adriano Friganovic 
13.15-13.20 Introduction by Bert Vrijhoef - Goals of ESNO's Congress 2021

Three introduction presentations

13.20-13.40 Nursing Now campaign and the future - Lord Nigal Crisp
13.40-14.00 Speciality nursing in the Australia context: Balancing regulatory and professional issues - Michelle Gunn
14.00-14.20 The Nurse Specialist contribution in health care provision towards 2030: The minimal required steps - Walter Sermeus

14.20-14.40 Break

Parallel Sessions
(participants will preselect the topic of their choise, based on first, second and third preference)

Theme 1: Pushing the European political agenda: friends and foes
* When gaining a formal position in the European health agenda, we need to overcome our own modest attitude and show leadership by making choices and accept the hurdles and seek alliances by setting out long term strategies: Identify hurdles and how to take.

Moderator: Tamsin Rose
Lead: Michelle Gunn, Vince Saliba, Elisabeth Rosser 

Theme 2: Autonomy and dependency - two sides of the same coin
* For gaining recognition of the specialist nurse, nothing can be achieved when working in a isolated position, because this would be in contradiction to any program in health where collaboration is required, however: development cannot be reached without distinguishment in expertise.

Moderator: Corinna Scicluna
Lead: Paul Trevatt, Charlotte MacArdie, Walter Sermeus 

Theme 3: (Next) destination: bi-lateral, regional or European wide
* Cross border Recognition of Nurses is conditional for free movement within the EU. Which strategy is most feasible: bi-lateral (between nations), regional (e.g. German speaking / Visegrád / Baltic / Scandinavian) or push the European?

Moderator: Bert Vrijhoef
Lead: Alessandro Stievano, Rita Forde

15.30-16.00 Plenary Session - The Specialist Nurse in European Healthcare towards 2030 Round Table with the following keynote speakers 

Feedback of Moderators: Corrine Scicluna, Bert Vrijhoef and Tamsin Rose

Moderator: Tamsin Rose
Panel: Alessandro Stievano, Rita Forde, Paul Trevatt, Charlotte MacArdie, Michelle Gunn, Vince Saliba and Elisabeth Rosser

16.00-16.30 Conclusion by Corinne Scicluna and Bert Vrijhoef 

16.30-16.45 Closing word by the ESNO president Adriano Friganovic