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Conference news

A letter of our heartfelt appreciation to all those who participated in our annual 
ESNO congress on 24-26 February 2021

We would like to thank you all for your participation and active engagement. It has been an honour to have you present and we hope enjoyed the experience. Our congress was a huge success, not only because we tried our best for a well-executed program, but above all, because of the enlightening outcome of the debates. These debates were often inspired by the presentation of all those who contributed and added an enormous value to the event. This gave us, not only great insight, but also laid the building blocks for working on the future of the Specialist Nurse in healthcare provision towards 2030, which was the main theme of this congress. 

It is also important to keep you updated that this conference was the last event in a sequence of three, under the umbrella of the theme titled “The Specialist Nurse in European Healthcare towards 2030”. With this conference we have now closed that theme, however, based on the valuable input provided, we will be creating a continuity of topics to address the current and future status of Specialist Nurses in Europe. We will most certainly keep you regularly informed during the ongoing progress but please note the following for now

  • A Certificate of Participation will be granted to all participants. If you wish to receive this Certificate, please contact Lahdy Lauvenberg at our congress organisation.
  • For those who are inspired by the ESNO Organisation and our activities, we welcome you to engage with ESNO as an Associate. This can be done as an individual or via a network. With your associate status you support our activities and you are invited to engage in European projects, registrate under this link
  • During the first day of the congress, on which we the shared COVID19 experiences, we opened a website called “Clapping with words”, in order to collect these experiences and to ensure that the sounds of these valuable experiences and appreciation remain with us and endure. For us, this collection of your thoughts and experiences is of great relevance and therefor needs to be saved for not only the short term, but also the long term future. Far too much has, and still does, happen.
  • The congress presentations will soon be available on the ESNO congress website at
  • We would also like to send you an evaluation form during the course of next week. Your valuable feedback would be much appreciated.

Last, but not least, we would like to send you an inspiring flyer about the “progress of the specialist Nurse”. You can download and have it printed to hang it on the wall of your working wards or for any other purpose you consider important.

Once again, thank you. We do hope to invite you again soon. There is no denying that we have achieved a successful milestone in healthcare provision towards 2030 and it would have not been possible without your support. Please keep visiting our website for details of further events and free to contact us at any time.

Adriano Friganovic
ESNO president