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Our program will not only enable networking and communication throughout the European Specialist Nurses community, but also contain a strong outreach section to bridge Education, Harmonisation of training frame works with peers. The presentation, both oral and poster will be from our members and network. We strive to show that education and health go hand in hand and that insight in advanced educates nurses directly connects to societal well-being and quality of care. A central element will be the outcome of the 2019 ESNO survey on Specialist Nurses in Europe and the way forward based on the ESNO position paper.

With our congress we attempt to build an European village of experts in all health domains in Brussels. Nurse experts, specialist and researchers dive into education, discuss science and form new collaborations without feeling submerged by the extended size of the shared data. Our program offers 20+ talks by nurses experts and scientists, with keynotes of high standard. The group of speakers are not only established European leading scientists in Nursing, but also front-runners in clinical setting therapies, who all are changing current nursing concepts through novel scientific approaches from the whole specialist nursing society.

We aim to have poster sessions and guided poster walks that will allow strong exposure of all research and stimulate discussions and networking. Special attention will be devoted to the education of our young scientists and students. At the end a bright sparkling plenary debate will take place by both moderators as a prelude to the third congress 2021.


Walter Sermeus
Programme Director Master of Healthcare Management & Policy KU Leuven and Head of the KU Leuven WHO CC on Human Resources for Health Research & Policy
'Health workforce in Europe, the future position of specialist nurses in Europe'.

Donna Walsh 
Director of European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA),
"The patient perspective on specialist nurses and requirements for professional mobility in Europe'