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ESNO Congress 2023

Dear Sir or Madam,

It’s my greatest pleasure to invite you for another ESNO milestone, taking this together with you, during the 6th ESNO annual congress in Brussels. To discuss with you the future of European health and our contribution as Specialist Nurses organisations.

While it seems that the pandemic is ended, there is still a silent urgent matter going on and this the post covid period. This is first of all, the disruption in health provision, delay of care for fragile patients, budget difficulties for hospitals and all health institutes but for us above all, the health workforce. During the COVID period, a true havoc raged through hospital, with a lot of nurses working around the clock in hospitals, but also many were affected with COVID, with a serious number of Long covid status and also, we never should forget the nurses lost their lives during practicing their profession. On this silent matter, it’s crucial to speak out.

In this event, Specialist nurses will join and share their work, about innovations, impact of their contribution in past, present and future. And this all to the background of ‘build-back-better’. There is an absolute need to take revisions seriously and be open minded to each other. We need to share ideas on improving working conditions and how to engage in health issues such as the infection prevention domain and new roles related to pharmacology therapies and technical innovations while entering the digital domain.

During the ESNO World Café on 20 and 21 April, we expect a lot of input with personal stories, enough for a substantial report and recommendations for the European health. This congress will be the ideal momentum, as the formal launch and handing over this report to representatives of the European Parliament who are already invited.

Taking this in consideration, we are convinced that with this congress we are creating a perfect environment not only to share and exchange but in above all, connecting with specialist nurses from all over Europe together with representatives in the wider European health environment.

With the board, we are looking forward welcoming you in Brussels.

On behalf of the ESNO board, Adriano Friganovic

Adriano Friganovic
ESNO President