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Conference theme

The Specialist Nurse in European Healthcare towards 2030

Bridging the specialist nurse and regulatory institutes

Education, Harmonisation, Recognition.

The European Specialist Nurses Organisation (ESNO), established for over 10 years, provides support for its members and also contributes to health programs across Europe to enhance higher quality of care. ESNO represents speciality nurses and nurses with advanced education, as well as people at high risk of complications because of their age or underlying conditions. The primary goal of ESNO is to promote the recognition of specialist nurses by harmonising training and education across Europe. However, it cannot do this without a strong and competent group of professionals from a great variety of health domains, who are dedicated to contributing additional programs and activities.

The drivers for new and sustainable healthcare in Europe

A better understanding of specialist nurses and nurses with additional training in their specialist areas provides the foundation for a well-performing health system. Standardisation of education is associated with better health outcomes, better quality of care, and more opportunities for improving the overall healthcare systems and contributing to economic expectations.

Education and continuing professional development supports specialist nurses during their entire career

Healthcare is changing.
Patients` demands and needs are changing. Health systems need to address challenges due to population ageing, the rising burden of chronic diseases and constraints in public resources. In this vein, it is necessary to redesign the workflows, workforce development, education programmes and resource allocation to ensure sustainability of national healthcare systems. Specialist nurses represents a key enabler for this transition. The growth of new technologies, new medical devices and diagnostic techniques requires technical know-how in addition to traditional knowledge. Moving from a hospital care setting dedicated to the acute care to home/community, dedicated to long term care requires a stronger involvement and preparation on specialist nurses.