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Congress 2021

ESNO Online Congress Wednesday 24 - Friday 26 March 2021

Wednesday 24 February 2021

‘Lessons learned - The unfolding story of COVID-19 and nurses'

Pierre Smith - Prevalence of burnout risk and associated factors among nurses during the COVID-19 outbreak in Belgium 

Thursday 25 February 2021

Bronagh Blackwood - Intensive Care Nurses in Europe under pressure during COVID19: about their fight and plight 
Bianca Buurman - Health care demand development and then discussing the role of a specialist professional in the Netherlands 
Elisabeth Rosser - Leadership: The importance of Self 
Vince Saliba - Maltese situation on recognition of specialist nurses 

Stream 1: COVID-19 and the impact on professionals

Rita Forde - The impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Diabetes Nurses in Europe: A plan-European Survey 

Rebecca Cachia Fearne - The training experience during the COVID-19 pandemic 
Noel AbelaThe impact of COVID-19 on the availability and use of PPE's in managing infected patients 
Luigi Apuzzo - Philosophy and photography of a profession: The courage of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic 
Clare McKeaveney - Exploration of the experiences of renal healthcare practitioners globally during the COVID-19 pandemic: mixed method study 

Stream 2: Policy in education and leadership

Paul TrevattA seat at the table or standing by the door? How nurses can inform and influence healthcare policy 

Afra Masia PlaneDeveloping competence framework for nurses in plasma collection centers: process and recognition challenges 
Meryem Yavuz van Giersbergen
Critical thinking on emergency and intensive care nurses: the case of Turkey 
Ber Oomen
Hazardous surgical smoke in OR’s, towards safety for Specialist Nurses at work: from position statement to European policy 

Stream 3: Harmonisation and recognition - politcal 

Charlotte McArdleSpecialist Nursing contribution to improving healthcare outcomes in Northern Ireland  
Alessandro Stievano
Inter-professional dynamics are crucial to leveraging nursing's professional dignity: perspectives from palliative care in community settings 
Anna Fumagalli - 
From good clinical practice to the request for professional recognition: the prospects of the clinical research nurse 
Ippolito Notarnicola - 
Using the nurse competence scale to evaluate the nursing competencies in Italy: a cross-sectional study 
Andrea Figueiredo - 
Medical-surgical specialist nurses' mapping: Portugal overview 

Friday 26 February 2021

Lord Nigal Crisp - Nursing Now campaign and the future 
Michelle GunnSpeciality nursing in the Australia context: Balancing regulatory and professional issues 
Walter Sermeus - The Nurse Specialist contribution in health care provision towards 2030: The minimal required steps 


For any questions related to the posters, please send an email to the poster presenter!

Title: Nursing certification programs, Turkish sample
Presenter: Aliye Okgün Alcan

Title: Nuring associations in Turkey: development, current situatioan anc challenges
Presenter: Yasemin Altinbas

Title: TBC
Presenter: Sinem Apaydin

Title: Turkish nurses attitudes evidence based nursing: literature review
Presenter: Büsra Dalfidan

Title: TBC
Presenter: Sinem Eskidemir

Title: Investigation of postgraduate theses written about preoperative fasting in turkey
Presenter: Nagehan Evkaya

Title: Surgical Nursing department and lecturer profile in Turkey
Presenter: Burcak Sahin Koze

Title: Evaluation of operating room nursing certified training program: The case of Turkey
Presenter: Ozlemm Soyer

Title: International perspectives on nurse migration flow pre- during and post-covid-19
Presenter: Alessandro Stievano