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ESNO World Cafe 2023

ESNO World Cafe
Date: 20 and 21 April 2023
Location: The Tanneurs Atelier

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Health Workforce and Nurse Shortage

To the background of a great number of European initiatives, programs and projects on health workforce, planning, forecast, shortage, skills, education and others, and the urgency of the matter, ESNO organizes a 2-day event with stakeholders, private and public together with ESNO members, associates, discussing this issue together. Shortage and retention are a big issue and only waiting for long term changes is not an option.

It will be an interactive event on location in Brussels. It's not the intention, to establish a new program, but creating a platform to share insights and recommendation and discussing this with specialist nurses from all European regions themselves.

The event will also support current programs and projects and create opportunity to connect directly with specialist nurses and those in advanced roles and positions in in day-to-day clinical practice and often in combination in leading roles all over Europe. The development of the program is in process but for more information, contact the ESNO team