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Blerina Duka

PhD. Blerina Duka is the President of the Albanian Order of Nurses (AON) since 2019, and represents the common interest of the 35749 in the professions of the Nurse; Midwife; Physiotherapist; Laboratory technician; Imaging technician; Speech therapist. In her vision is the support and to increase the influence of nurses and the other professions in Albanian and on the global stage. She is a part-time lecturer at "Aleksandër Xhuvani" University, Elbasan, at "Our Lady of Good Counsel" Catholic University, Tirana and at "European University of Tirana", Tirana. Also during the 2014-2018 she was the President of the Order of Nurses for the District of Elbasan, and represent of HealthCare professions. Mrs Duka previously served as Director of the "Balashe" Social Center in Elbasan, which focuses on the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and the elderly. Mrs Duka graduated in nursing from the "Our Lady of Good Counsel" University in Tirana and since 2023 holds the PHD title at the TorVergata University in Rome, Italy.

 She has also completed several trainings in the field of leadership where we can mention the certification in Switzerland by the Global Leadership Institute (GLI) for the leadership of nurses in 2019. Her main research areas are nursing competencies. It has also developed courses for Strategic Project Management; leadership in health professions; related to socio-economic welfare, occupational health and safety; positive practice environments; older person care; environmental issues and disaster nursing and statistical programs such as SPSS and Mplus. Board member at the Educational Services Center, Health and Social Care Quality Assurance Agency and Nursing Journal. Part of working groups such as GIZ for ‘The elements of study programs offered by higher education institutions’ and with the UNFPA for ‘Revision of the midwife curriculum and adaptation according to the BE directives’.


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