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International Nursing Day

Date: Friday 12 May
Time: 15.00 - 18.00
Location: Press Club,  Rue Froissart 95, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

ESNO is celebrating International Nursing Day in Brussels.

We are thrilled to invite you to join us in celebrating International Nursing Day 2023 in Brussels. This special day, which falls on May 12th every year, is a day for us to recognize and honour the incredible contributions that nurses in all specialties make to our healthcare systems and to our communities as a whole. This year's theme is "Nurses: A Voice to Lead - A vision for future healthcare," with the sub theme: ‘Our Nurses. Our Future’ which emphasizes the critical role that nurses play in shaping the future of healthcare.

"'With International Nursing Day, we feel connected to the greater health challenges recognising the joined aim in strengthening the public sector health domain, reducing delays of care, shortage of health workforce and budgetary problems: this is an inter disciplinary and cross-sectional challenge. It’s crucial to address this, also to connect informal and to trigger optimism with raising a glass".

Our special feature to address:

  • Launch ESNO Nurse Pool,
  • Outcome ESNO Survey:  ‘Nurses Roles and Responsibilities on Vaccination’
  • Flagging the ESNO response on the Bucharest Declaration.
  • Launch Publication: Nurses guide on ‘how to read and understand scientifical articles.  

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15.00  Open doors and Registration

16.00  Presentations Welcome Words
           1. ESNO, ‘an organisation in evolution’
           2. Bucharest Declaration on HWF, the ESNO response 
           3. Nurses roles and responsibilities in Vaccination
           4. Launch of the Nurses Guide on Reading and understanding
               Scientifical Articles
           5. Launch, ESNO Nurses Pool and Indexation Survey

16.30  Guests to speak MedTech Europe
           European Public Health Alliance
           EFPIA / Vaccines Europe
           ZN Consultancy
           European Observatory 
           Health First Europe
           European Health Management Association
           European Commission – TBC

17.00  Drinks: Raising a glass, to the nurses in all domains of health.

18.00  Closing and Wrapping up.